They’ve only gone and done it! The Venture Antarctica team summited Vinson Massif yesterday evening! We received word last night from a very elated, proud, and somewhat emotional team.

Having spent four days at High Camp, they sprung out of the door as soon as the weather cleared and shot to the summit in excellent time and in perfect conditions. The vista which met them at the summit was simply breath taking, with unlimited visibility of the Ellsworth Mountains and Antarctic plateau. A fitting end to what has been an extra ordinary journey for the Venture Antarctica team and for Pete Sunnucks in particular, as he completes his challenge of climbing the highest mountain on all seven continents. Job well done guys!

The team shared an emotional moment at the summit, flying the flags for the amazing charities who they have been supporting. With no wind and perfect visibility, they had a welcome break from the bitter Antarctic conditions they’d become used to, they didn’t even need their down jackets! Something their guide said was almost unheard of.

With such favourable conditions, the team were at the summit, and back to the safety of High Camp in 10 hours. They were tired, but very keen to see if they could push down to low camp by the evening. We’ll find out how they got on in their next update.

While I type this blog from the comfort of my kitchen, I am struggling to find the words to do their achievement justice. They’ve accomplished something which very few people in history have achieved. They’ve tackled something that most wouldn’t consider, and that many have failed at. In doing so, they’ve demonstrated the very best in human spirit and for such worthy charities. All while trying to keep up with normal life and earn a living like the rest of us!

The expedition is not over as they still need to return safely. But thank you to everyone who has supported the expedition so far. Please spread the word of their endeavours and give generously. These guys deserve to reach their fundraising target, and then some!



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  1. Well done. Quite the honeymoon. Up there with Riaan Manser’s honeymoon. Stop in on the way back in Camps Bay for some R&R. Got an empty house. Great stuff!!! Mike

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