Why are STEM and climate change awareness important?
The aim is to promote the education of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics and to stress the importance of climate change, a rising global threat to everyday life. Without enough talented professionals in STEM, the development of the modern world will stagnate and slow, allowing diseases to remain uncured and technology advancement to diminish. These contemporary subjects will be brought to life through the platform of Antarctica, immersing students in an environment that is fun and educational, going beyond the context of the classroom. Collaboration between businesses, academia and organisations is key to promoting STEM subjects and addressing the increasing skills gap. This Venture Antarctica programme seeks to contribute towards tackling a global challenge. 

Life in Antarctica



Depart for Punta Arenas, Chilie

The team depart from London, UK, for Punta Arenas, Chilie.


Depart for Union Glacier, Antarctica.

After a few days of briefings and kit checks, the team depart for Union Glacier, Antarctica!


Head to Vinson Massif Base Camp

A short flight into the Ellsworth Mountains, landing at Vinson Massif Base Camp. First batch of experiments performed.


Acclimatisation walk to Low Camp


Move from Low Camp to High Camp

Second batch of experiments performed.


Summit Window

Third batch of experiments performed.


Return to Union Glacier

Final batch of experiments performed.


Depart from Union Glacier to Punta Arenas


Depart for London, UK.

STEM Experiments

A wide range of STEM focused experiments has been developed, in conjunction with academia, to be conducted at various stages throughout the expedition. The programme will see four traunches of pre-defined experiments that students will challenge the team to undertake at various locations within the mountains of Antarctica. These challenges compliment current lesson plans and the Venture Antarctica team will report findings back via email.

Interested in being involved with Venture Antarctica and the growing network of schools? Or wish to contribute some ideas?