Keep Calm and Sit Tight

Team Venture Antarctica are in need of a bit of luck, and soon! They’re currently sat at High Camp still, sheltering from the dire conditions. A wind storm, and temperatures as low as -40c are keeping them confined to their tents until at least Saturday 9th December they anticipate. Thankfully, they have plenty of supplies.

This must be an incredibly frustrating time for them as they have the summit in their sights, but they are helpless to move for safety reasons. For Pete, who is so close to achieving his dream of climbing the highest mountain on each continent, this is especially difficult to stomach. The other teams on the mountain are in the same position, so mercifully, they are in good company as they weather the storm.

To fend off cabin fever, the team are remaining positive and as pragmatic as ever. But as they begin to slip behind their timeline, they have begun to make contingency plans for how and when they will be able to leave Antarctica for the real world. Pete has even been writing a best man speech while they wait for the weather to clear!

To be so close to the finish line is a real test of their patience, but nobody said this would be easy. While they cling to the side of this mountain, getting battered by the elements, lets get behind them, spread the word of this incredible challenge, and show your support by donating generously!


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